Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: Born of Night

Futuristic sci-fi books are not necessarily my favorite genre, but this book rocked my socks off every bit as much as one of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books. The flavor may be a little different, but the woman can write one hell of a love story in the midst of fantastic world-building.

Nykyrian is a half-breed... part human, part Andarion, rejected by both species. He is a hardened assassin, formerly a soldier of The League, who now runs a rag-tag group of warriors who police the corrupt agency.  On a run, he comes across Kiara, the daughter of a statesman, who has been kidnapped. He helps rescue her and returns her to her father. But he is quickly sucked in to a job as her bodyguard. Political enemies of her father have taken out a hit on Kiara's life.

Kiara is drawn to Nykyrian's powerful presence. And he is attracted to her like he has never been to anyone else.  But Nykyrian is one of the most tortured heroes out there. (Kenyon is excellent at writing those!) He has never known kindness or love; he was horribly abused as a child; and he thinks himself unworthy of Kiara.  Watching her break down his walls was breathtaking. I loved watching how she transformed him from a shell of man to someone who finally allowed himself to feel.  As with most Kenyon books, the sexual tension is great and the payoff is HOT.

We also have great supporting characters in Nykyrian's band of brothers.  Each character is distinct and entertaining. And the set-up is firmly in place for Syn's book, Born of Fire

A fantastic, sexy read that is full of heart.  I didn't want to put it down. 5 stars.

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Great review!


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