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Review: Nice Girl

Reviewed by Allison
Grace Locke is looking for a change of pace in her life; she isn't satisfied. When she moves to New York City to complete her Master's in Criminology, she doesn't know just how much of a change she'll get.

While scoping out the neighborhood after settling into her new grad dorm, she stumbles into a private investigating firm and after a conversation with the co-founder, gets hired on as their secretary. This works out perfectly because she can watch how the cases unfold, which interests her, particularly because she's studying criminology.  Maybe more importantly, she can surround herself with alpha males in order to practice confidence with men in hopes of changing her luck with them.

At first all is well...until she meets Vinnie. Ex-hit man gone straight, Vinnie is the very definition of bad boy. He is mean, aggressive, and even tried to fire her! But once they get through the first couple of hurdles, they find they can't stop thinking of each other. Vinnie grows protective of Grace and something begins to develop that takes them a while to even acknowledge.

The romance in this story is definitely more of a slow burn, but that doesn't make it any less hot. Vinnie is sexy, sweet but tough, and a great wounded hero for those of you who enjoy reading them. While it took me a while longer to warm up to Grace (she talks about her BFFs a lot, but they never really drew me in,) eventually you feel proud of her evolution as a character and person.

Nice Girl was a solid good girl gets the bad boy story and will definitely steam your windows - enjoy!

Rating: C+

*ARC provided by author for review

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Nice Girl
by Kate Baum
Release Date: December 5, 2012

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