Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: The Cure

Reviewed by Shelly
Talk about a pleasant surprise, Foley really delivers the goods. Delivering a powerful punch, this story captures and delivers what happens when absolute power corrupts. It’s present time in Los Angeles, CA, and Evan MacKenna is stricken with an illness that all of her doctors have not been able to cure.

After getting advice from Jimmy, the local bar-owner and her sometimes bed partner, on how to cure her disease, Evan goes to a ‘back house’ on Sparrow Way, one of the bird streets of the city. Here, she meets the mysterious Agatha, who’s really spooky in her non-verbal communication (I had to literally shake that one off). After the unknown cure, Evan discovers that she has the power to make her wishes into action, but these wishes are not free and somebody will have to pay the check. Will that be Evan or can she wish that on somebody? There are similar questions that I had and some were answered and some weren’t. I’m not concerned too much now about the ones that weren’t answered as much as the ones that were.

For me, this is where it becomes a story worth telling. What happens when one person has the power to change other people’s lives with just a spoken word? Who becomes the judge, jury and/or executioner for Evan’s wishes? I don’t care who you are or how much you think you’re invincible, there’s always a price to pay and I’m very much looking forward to the time when Evan will have to pay that tab (hopefully in the next installment?)

Additionally, the other characters in Evan’s world range from bottom of the barrel sleaze, namely Jimmy, to true friends – Kerry, Rula and Brooks. I’m looking forward especially to Brooks' involvement because I think he would be a really great ally for Evan.

There’s enough sex between Jimmy and Evan to make this right on the verge of dark erotic content; I didn’t find their dalliances to be pleasant, in fact they reminded me of yet another slippery slope with Evan.

This was a joy to read and I completely enjoyed this take on the absolute power corrupts premise, especially in light that Evan is not the usual protagonist. I hope to see the continuation of Evan’s story.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by author for review

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The Cure
by M.C. Foley
Release Date: June 25, 2012
Publisher: Poe Books

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At Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 4:23:00 PM CDT , Blogger Shelly said...

UPDATE --- Foley's posted a excerpt on her blog for the follow up (greedy little hands rubbing together, can't wait to see where this goes)...


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