Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Transforming Love

Reviewed by Shelly
Daddy's girl Jenifer Koning (of the Koning clan) decides that an adventure across the great state of Colorado will cure her boredom. While she's on her travels, she runs into a bit of car trouble and has no choice but to hoof it to the nearest place for help. After being on the road for a few miles, she comes across Gryph's bar where she meets a host of characters, including scrumplicious, alpha male, and bar-owner Gryph.

After meeting Gryph, Jenifer finds out about her heritage and her role as part of the Koning clan. The attraction between these two is strong and Gryph knows she’s his but Jenifer’s not going to go down easy. To win Jenifer's hand the men of the clan compete in a slag, a contest of cunning, power and might where the winner claims her. But, but, but... there’s a twist in there that was unexpected and I gave her kudos and a GO JENIFER!

I was very impressed with novella by an Indie author. It’s strong and has great promise for future stories in the series, yeah Kane I’m talking to you. Sorry about that folks, I’m back from the edge.

Now the thing is that Jenifer is a bit of a spoiled brat but she's likable and I didn't have the urge to either smack her down or tell her to shush it. And goodness gracious Grpyh is something oh so nice, he reminded me of a frozen chocolate bar – you just wanna keep licking away at the yummy goodness on the outside until you got to the middle (get your mind out of the gutter.) He’s quite the beat the chest while yelling ‘I am Tarzan’ mentality but he really cared about Jenifer and in the end his sacrifices on her behalf are what every girl wants. And just in case you’re wondering, heck yeah the sex is how shall I say this...? Yeah, sexy. That’s it --sexy.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: A-

*Book provided by author for review

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Transforming Love
by Debra Smith
Release Date: August 25, 2012

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