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Review: Playing the Part

Reviewed by Carrie
Hollywood player Mick Blackwell, known mostly for his action movies, wants to break in to more serious dramatic roles. He pursues and lands the leading man part in a film adaptation of a romantic book by Piper James, but he is having trouble connecting with the character because he himself has never been in a real relationship.

After a recent messy public breakup which not only got her splashed all over the tabloids but also caused her to miss a deadline, Piper James is forced to come out of semi-seclusion by her publisher to help Mick tap into his inner love god.

From the moment they meet on the set, sparks fly between Mick and Piper. Mick immediately decides he wants her and makes it known, and Piper decides to use Mick to exorcise the insecurities left from her previous failed relationship. They quickly agree to a quiet affair while they are working together on the film with the understanding that romantic feelings don’t enter into the equation.

I really enjoyed the chemistry Piper and Mick had on the page. Piper was teasing and playful with a cocky stud like Mick. I particularly appreciated that Piper was able to own her own sexuality and be forward in their relationship. There was no beating around the bush in this book. Each person stated what they wanted and then did what was mutually agreeable – how authentic!

Of course, as the affair progresses, Piper and Mick find that they enjoy each other out of bed as well as in, and a friendship develops. Mick convinces Piper that they should extend their affair after filming is over and against her better judgment, she agrees. They get embroiled in a tabloid scandal that throws a wrench into their relationship just as Mick discovers he might care more than he thinks.

While the interactions between Mick and Piper were entertaining, the scenes with others seemed repetitive. When not with Mick, Piper is a broken record rehashing her former failed relationship. Her conversations with her agent/best friend, Chris, aren’t much better. It was a shame because it made the character really one-dimensional when, in other parts, such as when she talked about her books; Piper really came off the pages for me. The passage where Mick realizes he might have feelings was a little like a light bulb going off over a picture of a Neanderthal. There was no smooth transition – just one minute it’s all sex and the next, “Hey! I must be in love!” I think the book’s length short changed the character development that was needed to push it up to the next level.

All in all, if you are looking for a quick sexy read for the beach or just a book that you can enjoy and not have think too much about, this might just fit the bill.

Grade: C

*ARC Provided by Entangled

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Playing the Part
by Robin Covington
Release Date: June 10, 2013
Publisher: Entangled

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