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Review: Tempted

Reviewed by Jen
This novella is a nice little side romance that takes place between the events of Claimed and Hunted. It doesn't really advance the overall arc of the series, but it features several characters from the full length books. It also dips into the established worldbuilding and the romance provides some great sexual tension and some satisfying bedroom action.

The hero of the story is Max. He's one of the vampires who helped take care of Janie in the earlier books. He is tough as nails and built like a brickhouse.  The Kayrs brothers sort of adopted him after he left behind an abusive father in Russia, but he never really considered himself part of the family. He never really let himself feel, until Janie helped open his heart.

Now he has a new mission: find and protect a special, enhanced woman who is in danger from the Kurjans.  Sarah was almost killed by them, but when she went to the police, it earned her a one-way ticket to an insane asylum.  Max must convince her to trust him, while teaching her all about the supernatural world she has stumbled into. It won't be easy; her own brother is working with the enemy to take her down. But with Jase and Conn around to help, the good guys are armed for the fight.

I liked the romance here, because even though Max is tough and powerful, he doesn't feel the need to utterly dominate Sarah.  Even though he knows she is his mate, he gives her choices. He treats her with respect and doesn't threaten her dignity. My favorite line of the book:

He had no intention of being a bossy asshole with her.

If only more alpha heroes felt that way! As for Sarah, she is ok.  I didn't have strong feelings for her one way or another, except that I was happy that she accepted Max without the requisite drama of the other heroines, and gave him some happiness.

Rating: B

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by Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Publisher: Kensington

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At Monday, June 10, 2013 at 1:39:00 PM CDT , Blogger Sophia Rose said...

I thought some of the same things about Max in regard to being an alpha hero. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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