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Review: Araya's Addiction

Reviewed by Shelly
If you like your demon cocky and a little bit bad, then Kean is who you want. Araya’s mother has finally done what Araya has been dreading all her life – she’s taken an Incubus as a prisoner for the insatiable lust that he presents to Sempires. Although Kean is only part Incubus, he’s a got enough of the demon gene in him that he makes it hard for a girl to resist him.

Kean screwed the pooch when he met Talith, Araya’s mother, in a local nightclub. After waking naked and locked in a cell, he discovers that Talith’s motives for taking him as a prisoner are for the love of her daughter. Yes, it’s a little manipulative but they’re demons and demons only fear what’s bigger and badder than them and Kean definitely isn’t that. So he’s stuck until he can do what’s required of him and then he can leave and go on his merry way. That is, until he meets Araya and gets to know her in the short time that he’s allotted.

Araya is really a gentle soul who doesn’t want what Kean is offering. Kean is not such a gentle soul who’s only in it for himself, but we soon come to find another side of him that’s really quite charming and even likable. Once these two get together and the sexing commences, and it does get hot!

In her debut novella, Dex does a credible job of making this story interesting. I’m totally looking forward to more from this author.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B

*ARC provided by publisher for review

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Araya's Addiction
by Jocelyn Dex
Release Date: January 11, 2013
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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