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Review: Her Lucky Love

Reviewed by Shelly
What a pleasurable read - quick, fun and left me wanting more. Even though I didn’t read the first three stories in the series, I honestly didn’t feel left out or uninformed. I might even have to dig up some of Ryan’s other work, I enjoyed this read so much.

Set in the small town of Holiday, Montana, where the Cooper brothers live, this story tells the tale of heartache, redemption and true love. Brayden Cooper's special gift is that he’s lucky. This luck has brought him a good and loving family, a successful and thriving business, and a significant amount of wealth from smart investments. Even through her wreck of a marriage, Brayden has been in love with Allison Malone. What I found admirable about that was that even though Brayden felt this way, he never left town and he never revealed his feelings to anyone, including Allison, because he was convinced that Allison didn’t need him. Awwwh, so sweet. Allison dang near turned me into a sniveling idiot --- she’s a widowed, working mother of three, fighting for the safety of her young children because her dead husband’s family has decided that they want her kids. She’s proud of her children and she’s determined to raise and protect them on her own. Is there anything or anyone more tenacious than a mother protecting her young?

This story had me from the first paragraph. The writing sucked me in and wouldn’t let go. Allison is that mom who, even though she made some bad decisions in her past (like staying with her abuser of a husband,) puts her children first. She’s raising them to be better than she could hope to be, and that in itself tells me that she’s much smarter than she gives herself credit for. The writing for her was spot on.

What can I say about Brayden? Although he doesn’t need to, he’s a hardworking mechanic and knows the joy of a good day’s work. It’s this simple enjoyment of life and family that allows him to fall in love with Allison. Brayden also knows the delight of loving Allison’s children and being that father figure to them – and for me that was a true joy to read. Most kids bounce back from tragedy so quickly and Allison’s were no exception. The interaction between Brayden and especially the youngest and only girl, Lacey was sweet and adorable. There were moments where the oldest son’s character really shined and played in nicely to the dynamics of this blended family.

Brayden’s love for Allison jumps off the page and made me believe. The sex was pretty hot too. Together these two were a lovely couple and I couldn’t have wished for them a better ending than they got. My only complaint is that the conflict was resolved a little too quickly, but it was still a nice ride. Well done Ryan – you’ve got a new fan.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by author for review

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Her Lucky Love
by Carrie Anne Ryan
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Publisher: Fated Desires Publishing

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