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Review: Immortal Trust

Reviewed by Jen
One of the things I like about The Curse of the Templar series is that each hero is deliciously tortured and alpha. Though admittedly, Lucan doesn't come off as quite as tortured as Merrick and Farran, he made up for it with earnestness and charm.

This installment in the series is actually different in a few ways. Not only is our hero a bit less miserable than his predecessors, unlike them, he knows who his seraph is from the start. As the story begins, he is already seeking Chloe out at the archaeological dig she is leading in France.  Chloe doesn't know it, but she is about to uncover a vital artifact to the Templars, the Veil of Veronica.  Not only do the Templars want the items, but so do the evil minions of Azazel.  The dark lord has infected her brother in order to get to the item by any means necessary.

Lucan is determined to handle his mating better than his brothers did. He is resolved to take things slowly, and to court Chloe properly.  It's not that easy, though. Chloe has been plagued by demons for years. Between that, and a bad relationship in her past, she is dead set against a future with the man she sees as a representative from the Church at her dig.  Her brother's negative influence makes it even harder for Lucan to gain any ground. But, of course, it's only a matter of time until destiny becomes a reality.

I liked Lucan a lot. He is gentle and loving with Chloe and takes great care with her emotions. It's nice to see a hero who isn't so dominating that he loses sight of his woman's wants and needs. It is frustrating at times to see the hesitation he has --as it will so clearly burn him in the end.  You see, both Lucan and Chloe hide the truth from each other for most of the story. Chloe keeps her demons a secret because she doesn't think Lucan will believe her. And Lucan keeps the Templar truths quiet, because he fears Chloe may already be compromised by Azazel.  Secrets, as always, lead to misunderstandings, which can drive you crazy when you see them coming a mile away.

However, the romance is sweet, and I like that this is a bit different from the previous books, because that keeps the series from getting stale. The sexual tension is great and the bedroom action is definitely worth the wait!

We're still keeping up with some of the other familiar knights... but I am coming to think Claire Ashgrove is only giving me glimpses of Declan and Tane to torment me. When will they get their books, for crying out loud???

Overall, it was sexy and sweet, though a little predictable.

Rating: B

*ARC Provided by Tor

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Immortal Trust
by Claire Ashgrove
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher: Tor Books

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At Friday, March 29, 2013 at 6:24:00 AM CDT , Blogger Sophia Rose said...

I loved Lucan in this story and just felt so sorry for some of the others including Julian.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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