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Review: Wed to a Highland Warrior

Reviewed by Jen
Bliss is seer among the Pict people.  She bears the gifts of healing and foresight.  It's because of her sixth sense that she knows Trey is supposed to be her husband from the fourth page of the book. Accosted by soldiers, she claims Trey is already her husband. He goes along with the ruse, having no idea that Pict culture dictates that marriage is born by both parties claiming it to be true.  As such, they are married on page five.

The thing is, the two of them could end the marriage just as easily by declaring it null. But they never do, an idea that I found absolutely ludicrous. Maybe not for Bliss, because she can see the future and everything... but for Trey?  A man nursing a broken heart over the death of his beloved?  To choose to be married to a woman he barely knows?  And they're not even doing the hokey-pokey?  I can suspend my disbelief pretty far, but this made no sense to me.

Moving on... Bliss is on a journey to heal a sick old woman and Trey decides to see his new wife safely on her journey.  One healing mission for Bliss becomes two --then three-- then four.  OK, basically she has to heal one person after another throughout the entire book.  This, while Trey follows along, tempting her with the sex they both want to have and worrying about getting home to his brothers to tell him about the King's plans to invade their land.

Bliss and Trey get together in a way that is both too fast and too slow. Too fast, because they are in love in a matter of days (and that's not even getting into the constant references to each other as "husband" and wife.")  And too slow, because they are mooning over each other and talking about the inevitability of their physical intimacy for so long, I was actually yelling at the book for them to get on with it already.

As the pair finally make it back to Trey's people, we finally learn the secret hanging over the series: the identity of the true king of Scotland.  It was anti-climactic.  The big reveal over the roadblock to Bliss and Trey's relationship was also anticlimactic.  I just couldn't muster much excitement about any of it.  There is just too much going on and it was all so "out there" that it clouded my ability to really connect with the characters or their feelings.


Rating: C-

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Wed to a Highland Warrior
by Donna Fletcher
Release Date: October 30, 2010
Publisher: Avon

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At Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 5:50:00 PM CDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, this book does sound very anticlimactic. And if she knows they are going to be husband and wife down the road, I'm surprised that they didn't "divorce" and then end up falling in love for real and getting remarried. That might sound complicated but it would at least give us a little juice!!


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