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Review: The Perfect Imposter

Reviewed by Jen
Ever since the death of her brutish husband, Katrina has been trying to make something of her talents as a modiste.  She finally feels like she'll have a real chance at success when her friend Julia offers to become her patroness.  After all, Julia married in to wealth and nobility, and if anyone can endear Katrina to society, it's her.

But her childhood friend is going to make her jump through hoops to get the exposure she promised.  Katrina must take Julia's place at a house party she doesn't want to attend.  You see, Katrina and Julia look a lot alike and in the right circumstances, few could tell them apart.  Katrina doesn't want to give in to Julia's demands, but Katrina owes an old debt to Julia's father.  That, coupled with the chance to show off her dresses, convinces her to finally acquiesce.

At the same time, Leo is tasked by the government to find the person behind a string of jewelery heists among the upper crust. The very house party that Katrina is attending is expected to be the setting for the next theft.  And for a variety of reasons, Julia is on the short list of suspects.  The fact that the two of them share a romantic history only complicates matters.

So the story basically follows Katrina's attempts to fool Julia's peers at this week long affair, as the obstacles in her path grow exponentially.  Somehow, Leo is the only one who sees through her schemes from the get-go and he must wrestle with his attraction to her as his suspicions lead him to believe her to be part of the jewel theft scheme.

It took a really long time to get to the romance, which made me want to skim ahead at times.  Katrina is a good person, but she is so downtrodden, it's hard to enjoy.  She puts up with so much and forgives so easily, it bothers me.  I appreciate her allegiance to Julia's dad, but frankly I couldn't fathom why she did not walk out when things started falling apart. And later, when it's revealed all that has been hidden from her, she takes it in so much stride... that bothered me too.

There were good moments between Katrina and Leo, but frankly there weren't enough of them and it took too long to get there. I also thought the ending was a little abrupt and after all she went through, I would have liked to see Katrina bask a little in her richly deserved HEA.  (I wouldn't have minded a swift kick in the butt for Julia either.)

It was ok, but the execution didn't quite live up to the promise of the premise.  3 stars.

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The Perfect Imposter
by Wendy Soliman
Release Date: April 2, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

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