Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: Kitten-tiger and the Monk

Reviewed by Jen
Sophia isn't an easy woman to like, especially after the events of Double Cross. After all, it's her job to rob people of memories and replace them with lies. But now, even she sees the monster she has become. And she wants to change. So she goes in search of the disillusionist known only as the Monk. With his powerful reputation, she believes he can make her change and turn her life around.

Sophia is shocked to discover that the Monk is actually Robert, her teenage sweetheart. We learn about their terrible history and despite the extenuating circumstances, I had real trouble forgiving her for what went down between them. Maybe I am still holding on to my anger for what she did to Justine, but I think she gets off way too easy here. (No pun intended.)

I did like Robbie, though, and his tie-in to the city's tangled highway system. Let's hope the results of Sophia's "turnaround" reverberate into the next book. Almost 4 stars.

*This short story is part of the Wild & Steamy anthology

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Wild & Steamy
by Carolyn Crane, Meljean Brook & Jill Myles
Release Date: August 3, 2011

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