Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review: Passion Unleashed

Passion Unleashed is book 3 in Larissa Ione’s Demonica series. And this one is the much-anticipated story of Wraith.  In previous books, we’ve learned that Wraith isn’t quite right. He is the only vampire-Seminus demon hybrid and he had a horrible childhood. He was tortured by his vampire mother and her people until he was rescued by his brothers.  Therefore, he hates vampires… and in no small way, he hates what he is.  As part of his torture, his mother would throw human women in a cage with him.  He had needs as both a vampire and an incubus and used the women accordingly. He hated himself for it, but he couldn’t ignore his body’s demands. Now, he won’t sleep with or feed from a human woman.

In the last book, Desire Unchained, we found out that Wraith’s brother Roag isn’t as dead as everyone thought… and he’s out for vengeance. He hired a hitman to take out Wraith before he met his fate.

So as we launch this book, Wraith is poisoned.  The toxin has no cure. But it turns out a human woman named Serena carries a special charm that keeps her immune from harm and in good health. The only way Wraith can get his hands on the charm (and save his life) is to take her virginity. Unfortunately, if he takes the charm from her, a deadly childhood disease will return, killing her within days.

He fights the idea, but eventually gives in. Only to fall in love with her.  You see, Wraith’s not the only one who wants that charm. The bad guys want it too, so Wraith’s mission changes to one of protection for Serena. Unfortunately, things get even more complicated when brothers Eidolon and Shade start to get sick and their hospital starts to crumble. The structure was built on the blood, sweat and tears of the brothers, tying their lives and the building together.

A great secondary story follows the reunion of demoness Gem and former demon-hunter Kynan. Just as Gem tries to move on from her love (infatuation) with Kynan, he comes back ready to make it work with her. These two have more bumps in the road than Wraith and Serena.

Speaking of our main characters, it comes down to who is willing to sacrifice themselves so that the other can live. And the question really is, no matter who ends up with the charm, how can there be a happily ever after if one of them is dead?

Even though Serena can’t have sex for most of the book, there are plenty of steamy scenes to enjoy. It was a good book… smart and sexy.  4 1/2 stars.

P.S. Why does the cover model have his nipples airbrushed out? It bothers me.

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