Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Pleasure Unbound

Pleasure Unbound is book 1 in Larissa Ione’s delicious Demonica series. The story centers on Eidolon, a doctor and a Seminus demon. A Seminus is essentially an incubus. They are highly sexual. And when they reach 100 years old, they undergo S’genesis, their final stage of sexual maturity. At that point, they become fertile and are overwhelmed with the need to impregnate as many women as possible. They run the risk of becoming mindless sexual beasts. Unless they are mated.

So Eidolon runs a demon hospital along with his brothers Shade and Wraith. He is worried about his impending S’genesis and is trying to figure out a way around it. And then paramedics bring in Tayla. She is essentially a demon-hunter, who has been injured in a battle with a demon. Eidolon decides to treat her and discovers she is actually part demon. He’s also very attracted to her. So much so that the two end up having sex in the hospital. Of course, at the time, Tayla doesn’t realize that he’s not human.

Anyway, once that’s revealed and she is healed Eidolon takes her back to the surface. (The hospital is hidden underground.) They discover one of the nurses, a vampire, has been ravaged for body parts. She is alive, but barely. And she is sufferering. Eidolon and his fellow demons think Tayla’s group of demon hunters, the Aegis, are to blame for this and other organ harvestings like this. Tayla says it’s not so, but starts to have her doubts, not only about that, but her deep rooted hatred for all demons. That hatred runs deep, as a demon raped and killed her mother.

Tayla goes to the Aegis and some bad eggs inside the organization decide to send her back to Underworld General with a bomb. She is to be sacrificed in her mission. Once she figures out what was planned for her, she thwarts the plan and realizes that line between the good guys and the bad is not as clear as she always thought.

Eidolon takes up the cause of protecting her from her own people and trying to learn about her changing biology (that she herself is clueless about.) There is amazing chemistry between these two. The sex scenes are out of the park. And there is so, so much going on that I can’t even begin to touch on in a review. It’s rich, layered, and complicated. But it’s really good.
And hot. 4 1/2 stars.

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