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Review: Elizabeth's Wolf

Reviewed by Jen
Lora Leigh veers a little from the formula of her Breeds books with this third installment.  This time around, instead of a feline hero, we've got a Wolf Breed at the story's center.  And that means a whole new bag of quirks for the relationship.  Instead of a barb on his cock, Dash's dick makes a knot.  And it's self lubricating (a handy tool when we get to the anal.)

But let me start with the actual plot.  Dash is a military man with no family and no friends.  He is nearly killed in the attack that wiped out his squad, but the words of a child pull him back from the brink.   Little Cassie chose his name from a list at school and began writing him.  The letters from the fragile child awaken his protective nature and soon, Dash begins to think of the girl and her mother as his.  A very bad man is trying to steal Cassie, forcing her and her mom on the run. As soon as Dash recovers, he steps in to save them.

Elizabeth has had no one to rely on, ever since Cassie's father turned on her and tried to sell their child to a powerful criminal.  When Dash first shows up, she is afraid to trust. But he proves himself over and over again, and soon she starts believing that he really can protect her and Cassie. It doesn't hurt that there is a massive attraction between them.

There is plenty of dirty sex in this book, but it comes much later than it did in the previous installments... maybe closer to the halfway point.  And there is no mating frenzy; just good old horny sex.  With a cock knot. Dash is an uber-possessive alpha, but he's also vulnerable because he has never had people in his life who he could love and would love him in return.  I like that there was an emotional connection between him and Elizabeth that superseded the massive amount of sex.

Even though Dash comes from outside of the original Pride, the characters from earlier books are folded in, making it feel like a cohesive part of the series. I thought both of the leads were likeable and I appreciated how they filled a need for the other.  It was still kind of over the top and a bit campy, but it wouldn't be a Breeds book otherwise.  Still a guilty pleasure.

PS. If anyone can explain Cassie's fairy to me, I'd be much obliged.

Rating: B

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Elizabeth's Wolf
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: June 3, 2005
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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