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Review: Platinum Promises

Reviewed by Shelly
In the past few years, I’ve stayed away from a lot of AA romances because in my twenty plus years of reading them I’d gotten so disgusted with the content I just stopped the majority except for a few favorites. I wouldn’t have even picked this one up but the cover caught my eye, understated yet compelling. Suffice it to say that this is my first story by this author and I was pleasantly surprised that both the content and the editing were spot on. Before I forget to tell you, this is part of a series. I didn’t confirm where in the series this falls but through my brilliant deduction I get the feeling that it’s the third.

Although being the youngest, not to mention being a fan of the ladies, Dexter Drake is a good looking, smart and educated young man. He’s done well in making a place for himself in his family’s business and has no intention of falling in love, much less marrying. Fresh from her doctoral duties in Haiti, Faye Buckner is back in the states to realize her dream of operating a free healthcare clinic in one of the more depressed areas in Southern California. These two were as cute a couple as I’ve read in a long time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing of Dexter and Faye’s relationship and thank goodness the ‘I love you’s’ were not thrown about too quickly either. My expectations of Faye because of her past and where I saw her going emotionally were pretty much met. So glad she wasn’t a clinging vine to Dexter. Instead she understood the game (thanks to some hard earned lessons) and didn’t play up to it at all. I can’t stand the whimpering heroines who just lose their ever loving minds. Whew, thanks for not going there, and well done, Day.

I was a little surprised that I found myself liking Dexter as much as I did. Typically, I’m not fond of playboys with more mouth than sense, so tickle me pink, because I liked Dexter with and without Faye. Yeah, he’s got a rep, but he’s a hardworking man who loves his family, especially his great-grandfather affectionately known as Papa Dee. The dynamics between Dexter and his Papa Dee worked so well that I found myself laughing out-loud at many of the conversations (or antics, take your pick) between the two.

Overall, this was a very entertaining read and I would definitely recommend if you’re just in need of a feel-good fix. The chemistry between Dexter and Faye was palpable and well written. The sex was hot, but keep in mind this is Harlequin, and they’re not explicit, so expect to read some fun and descriptive words -- love button, pearl, sword -- to name a few.

BONUS: My favorite scene, you can figure out for yourself what they’re doing

“Who does this belong to, huh?” Dexter’s words were punctuated by thrusts, long and deep. “Whose is this?”

“Yours,” Faye moaned.

“Say my name,” he demanded, his thrust more forceful, purposeful. In a sudden, unexpected move, he lifted her off him, sat her on the couch and stood behind her. Soon the heat of his sword was again felt inside her, and the dance resumed. “Say my name!”

Oh yeah - Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B

*ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley

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Platinum Promises
by Zuri Day
Release Date: April 23, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani

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