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Review: Kiss of the Betrayer

Reviewed by Jen
This second story in the Bringer and the Bane series picks up much where the first book left off.  All the main players are back, only this time, the core romance features Jade and Luc.

We already knew that Jade hated Luc, though now we find out why. She believes he is responsible for her sister turning Bane more than a decade ago.  Luc had been a suitor to Esmerelda, but through his actions, the Bane attacked the girls' home, killed their father and turned Esmerelda into a demon.  Rell (as she is known now) raised her young sister, while teetering on the brink between good and evil.  Now she demands justice, in the form of Luc's death.

Killing Luc becomes increasingly difficult, once Ravyn turns him into a Bringer.  And shortly after, the same happens with Jade.  She and Luc are brought deeper in the fold of Ravyn and Rhys' fight and in doing so, they draw closer.  Jade must decide whether her future lies with the man she's hated all her life --or the sister who is losing more of her humanity by the day.

The story moved slowly for me.  It wasn't bad, it just dragged a bit, especially in the first half. I started to get a little excited when it looked like there might be an unlikely demon love-connection.  In fact, I found the possibility even more intriguing than what was developing between Luc and Jade, but alas, it was just a taste.  I feel fairly certain it won't amount to anything when all is said and done, but I hope it is explored a bit more in the next book.

It's been a year or so since I read Shield of Fire, and I felt like this book assumed a familiarity with the story covered there.  Frankly, I had forgotten some of it and when we picked up some of the old dangling threads, the answers left me a little more confused than satisfied.

The main love story was ok.  Usually, my beef in romance is that the love happens too fast, but here it was just a bit too slow.  Maybe love isn't the right word... I just wanted more movement... to feel a little more engaged.

I'll tell you one thing that definitely worked, though. Icarus.  I find this character so intriguing. I want to know everything about him. I want all of his backstory. I want him to have a romance. I want him to have a book. Now. Now. Now.  I've already got my theories!!! Let's make it happen.  (*sigh*) Until then, clearly we have Siban's book next.  I would like to order a little more angst please.

Rating: C+

*ARC Provided by Entangled via NetGalley

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Kiss of the Betrayer
by Boone Brux
Release Date: November 19, 2012
Publisher: Entangled

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At Friday, February 8, 2013 at 10:17:00 AM CST , Blogger Mandi said...

Hmmm..I haven't heard of this author/series. I do like the cover ;)

At Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 1:28:00 AM CST , Blogger Unknown said...

Yummy cover! I haven't heard of it either but will be checking it out.


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