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Review: Lord of Temptation

Reviewed by Jen
Forced to run from his old life to escape a murderous uncle, Tristan was pushed into a life at sea from the young age of 14. He never had a chance to be the man of nobility he was bred for. Instead, he grew to embrace his destiny on the open water. He shed his old persona and became Crimson Jack. Eventually he became captain of his own ship. And though as an adult, he and his brothers were finally able to reclaim their names and inheritance, he never again felt comfortable in the skin of a Lord.

Anne is a woman in mourning for her dead fiance. He has been gone for years, but to find closure, she feels she must travel to the distant land where he died at war --and make her peace with his memory. She hires Tristan to take her there.

From the moment he sees her, Tristan is taken by Anne. He only agrees to bring her to her destination for the payment of a kiss.  He figures he'll seduce her and get her out of his system during the voyage.  After all, he believes she has a real, live fiance waiting for her on the other side of the journey.  He's wrong on all counts.

I enjoyed watching Anne and Tristan push each other's buttons.  The sexual tension between them is good and though we had to wait a while for that kiss, once the ball got rolling between these two, it was impossible to keep them apart.  The sex is great and the emotional aspects of the relationship are solid. 

The biggest hurdle between them is Tristan's inability to embrace love and a stable future.  Anne wants a marriage and family, but Tristan makes no secret of the fact that his life is at sea... Or is it?  The story starts going round and round in the second half with these two together, then pushing each other away. I can't tell you how many times they had their "last time together."  It's very apparent to the reader how these two feel about each other, even if they can't see it themselves. So I did find myself growing a little impatient waiting for Tristan to have his big revelation.

Overall, though, I really did like the story.  Our hero and heroine are honest with each other and their feelings are genuine and true.  The secondary character were fleshed out and interesting too.  I'm really a fan of the whole premise of this series. (And I liked the book about Tristan's twin, though this book works well as a standalone.) These poor brothers have been through so much!   I can't wait for Rafe's story.

Rating: B

*ARC Provided by Avon

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Lord of Temptation
by Lorraine Heath
Release Date: September 25, 2012
Publisher: Avon

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At Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 3:00:00 PM CDT , Blogger Adria's Musings and Reviews said...

Thanks for the review. I've been so curious about this series and some of Lorraine Heath's other books too. Have you read her other books and if so would you recommend them to someone who is a fan of authors like Tessa Dare, Gaelen Foley, Lisa Kleypas, Alexandra Hawkins and Elizabeth Hoyt?

Breath of Life Reviews

At Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 3:05:00 PM CDT , Blogger Jen at Red Hot Books said...

This is my third book I have read by her and I have enjoyed all three. Yes. I would recommend her. If you click her name in the tag right above the comments, you can see the reviews I have done on some of her other books.

At Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 1:04:00 AM CDT , Blogger Adria's Musings and Reviews said...

Thanks, I'm going to add her books to my "Buy" list. I'll start with this series first unless you suggest I start with a different one first?



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