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Review: Secret Maneuvers

Reviewed by Shelly

Lane pleasantly surprised me with this story. I had no clue when I started reading what I thought would be a typical Special Ops story would actually turn out to be a not so typical story. Talk about a roller coaster ride.

Have you ever wanted…craved…a second chance? Be it with your family or a lost love? This is Bobby Baker’s story of his second chance. It’s the story of how a single action changed the course of his life and what he had to do to earn that second chance. Bobby’s story will make you sad, reflective, humbled and joyful; it touches on not being too prideful about getting on your knees and begging forgiveness for the wrong that you've done. Because all Bobby hoped for was fulfillment of his youthful dreams and promises - forever with his one true love.

Fifteen years after receiving a ‘Dear John’ letter from Bobby Baker – the small town boy who promised her a happy ever after - Annabelle Smith is on assignment with her unit of the ATF. Her very first day on her new assignment, she unsuspectingly walks into a meeting room where Bobby is waiting with his off-the-grid, special ops team. Bobby feels like he’s taken a punch to the gut and is completely floored by this especially considering that Annabelle doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. But that’s okay. He’s determined that she’s not getting away again because after looking for the past fifteen years, Bobby has finally found his Belle.

Folks, I don’t even know where to begin because I read this story two days ago and I’m still in awe of the smart writing. Bobby’s love for his Belle is truly an inspiring thing. But, there’s always a but… I was very skeptical about the passage of time and how that would play out but then I remembered that time flies, it waits for no man – so for me it’s plausible that fifteen years could pass while each of these characters went on with their lives. Bobby moved on from the Army that he joined at 18 and Belle moved on from the small town to become something better than her beginnings and the legacy left by her abusive, alcoholic father.

Both Bobby and Belle were very likable characters; their dialogue was witty, sarcastic and fast. Bobby’s alpha male persona was absolutely no match for Belle’s personality because, let’s face it, she’s been working around his type for a long time and it’s not a problem for her to hold her own. I really enjoyed that she was strong and maintained her conviction and thoughts when she was dealing with Bobby. That’s right Belle, don’t let him push you around.

The secondary characters are off the chain. Belle’s BFF, Teagan, is absolutely cold hearted and the most perfect BFF any girl could want. Her interaction with Bobby is some kinda special, I think there were a couple moments when Bobby actually quaked in his boots. Part of Bobby’s team, the Sullivan brothers, are a little different from the rest (if you know what I mean.) I’m hoping that they each get their stories because I think have something quite splendid to tell.

This one is a re-read for me and I highly recommend that you go out and get a copy. And yes, the sexing is smoking HOT!

Happy reading folks!

Rating: A-

*ARC provided by author for review

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Secret Maneuvers
by Jessie Lane
Release Date: June 14, 2013

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