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Review: Facade

Reviewed by Janell
Let me introduce you fine readers of this blog to Nyrae Dawn, an author who knows her way around a tortured guy. She started in YA, with What A Boy Wants (detour: I think the cover model of What A Boy Wants is the same guy on the cover of Easy by Tammara Webber, and have you read that yet? Because, oh boy, everyone should read Easy). I think I’ve read just about all of Ms. Dawn’s YA books, and they’ve all got Sensitive Boys with Problems, written so well that you just want to make out with all of them.

Facade is her second New Adult book, which is like her YA books, but the Sensitive Boys with Problems have aged a bit, added a few more problems, and are having emotional sex. What’s not to love?

Adrian lives in a trashy rental house where he smokes pot all day and has loud parties every night. He had a bad childhood, capped off by a Tragic Event that caused him to just run away from life. He uses the drugs and parties to bury his guilt and chase away the nightmares. He’s a silent observer who writes poetry and carries around a well-worn copy of The Count of Monte Cristo, because, “I’ve always respected Edmond. He went through hell and back but fought despite it…. He was strong. Not me.”

Delaney had what she thought was a perfect childhood, up until a Tragic Event showed that it was all a lie. Get this — it was the same Tragic Event that affected Adrian! Delaney knows how they are tied together (it’s an invisible thread that she keeps mentioning, drawing them closer), and she tracks Adrian down in the hopes that they can share their grief and maybe help each other heal, rebuild, move on.

When they meet, Delaney can’t bring herself to blurt out their connection, so she lets Adrian chase her. Adrian can tell that she has secrets, that she’s haunted, and he wants to help chase away her ghosts. Delaney knows exactly what’s bothering Adrian, but she doesn’t want to bring it up and ruin the friendship that they’re building.

I kind of hated Delaney after a point, because she kept making up excuses not to be honest with Adrian. “Oh, maybe he’s moved past it and I would be bringing up bad memories.” “Oh, he’s kissing me, I don’t want to spoil the mood.” “Oh, he’ll hate me, and I’m falling in love with him.” At least after a point she realizes that, the longer she stalls, the bigger her deceit becomes. When she does tell him, that’s when all the gut punches start flying. Finally, Adrian chooses to confront his past and move on. Yay!

The first book in this series, Charade, centered on Adrian’s friend Cole and his girlfriend Cheyenne. They are strong supporting characters here. You don’t need to read the first book to understand this one, you just might enjoy it because it’s fun (and maybe 11% less angsty).

Finally, something to think about. When Adrian and Delaney are at a fair, they play some games, but, “he doesn’t vow to win me a stuffed animal like you always hear about. I think I love that about him. Love how real he is.” What do you think, readers? Is vowing to win a stuffed animal a true test of love? Or is not winning one more honest and real? I think this issue needs to be settled so all women on carnival dates know where they stand once and for all.

Rating: B+

*ARC Provided by Forever via NetGalley

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by Nyrae Dawn
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Publisher: Forever

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Great review. 11% is a nice amount :-)


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