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Review: The Trouble With Fate

Reviewed by Carrie

Hedi Peacock is living a lie. She’s half Fae, half werewolf and a mystwalker and completely lost in life. After being attacked by a pack of weres, Heidi has to retrieve an amulet from her childhood crush who she believes may have played a part in her parent’s death in order to rescue her kidnapped aunt. This book is kind of a hot mess. It suffers from the first book syndrome of trying to tell the reader too much information. This book felt like a friend trying to tell you a good story but kept on stopping and changing direction when she remembered something else. There were bits and pieces left all over and not all of them made sense.

I really loved Heidi. I have an affinity for troubled souls and she is certainly that. She’s caught between two worlds being a half-Fae half-Were. She had to witness the deaths of her parents. She watched her twin brother carted away to the Fae realm. On top of all that, Heidi had to live under the radar her crazy Aunt Lou and Merry, her enchanted Fae amulet. She’s torn. She’s lost. She’s lonely. Despite all of her heartbreak, she finds ways to compartmentalize her pain to move on to the next challenge.

Enter her childhood crush, Robson Trowbridge, the son of the deceased Alpha who is trying to figure out who killed his father, mother, brother and wife. I pieced together that he’s been spending the last 10 years at the bottom of a bottle, but returns to Creemore at the behest of his sister, who is mentioned once and never talked about again. Trowbridge, (what a mouthful of a name), has the amulet that opens the portal to the Fae realm. Heidi nearly steals the amulet out from under him but is caught and in what seems like the next breath, they are doing it and being mated.

It’s understandable how she could very quickly fall for this man – she’s young, naïve and lonely. Trowbridge is one minute mooning over his deceased wife and the next trying to get into Heidi’s pants. The whole business of them hooking up and then mating was glossed over and left me feeling quite confused. Finally, the biggest head scratcher was the amulet. Supposedly made of Fae gold and therefore mutable, it mainly hung out around Heidi’s boobs. I just couldn’t use the written words to form a visual in my mind that made sense. Sometimes it would hop around and move and other times, I think, would grow gold vines and twist around things? I’m still not sure even after reading the passage about 10 times.

Despite all the WTH moments, I really did feel like my girlfriend was telling me a good story but talking so fast she was leaving out important things. I’m continuing on to the second book with a firm hope that the author fills in the blanks because the writing is certainly there.

Rating: C+

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The Trouble With Fate
by Leigh Evans
Release Date: December 24, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

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