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Review: Hunted

Reviewed by Jen
It's not easy being mated to one of the Kayrs brothers.  Sure, they love you to the moon and back, but they aren't afraid to bully or muscle their way into winning an argument. Admittedly, none has been worse than Talen, the hero of the first book. But we see hints of the alpha-hole in them all.

I had hoped Conn would be better.  After all, when he accidentally mated Moira a century ago, he actually acquiesced to her request for time apart so she could train as a witch.  He let her do what she needed as a witch with a powerful potential in her line.  Which made it all the more disappointing when he started pulling the caveman routine here.  He isn't nearly as bad as Talen, thank goodness, but I had hoped he would give his mate a bit more credit. She is a lethal enforcer for her coven --a trained killer-- but he still tries to put her in a bubble to "protect" her. It annoyed me.

I still enjoyed the book, despite my annoyance with Conn.  That's thanks to the great world-building and the fascinating series storyline. There is a lot happening in this installment. The primary plot involves the witches. Someone is using magic to take out members of the ruling council. Moira is on the hit list --and she wants to figure out who is targeting them --and why. This, as the witches consider aligning with the demons against the vampires. That puts Moira in the terrible position of potentially having to choose between her family and her mate.

Meanwhile, we're seeing the set-up for Katie and Jordan's book.  Katie still can't shift, prompting her to take desperate measures. --And we're seeing more of the Kalin-Zane-Janie interaction.  It's amazing how their scenes always manage to steal every book for me! I know Kalin is bad, bad, bad, but there is just something about him that makes me want to see his redemption.  (Maybe I need my head examined.)

The sex is hot and the characters are well defined.  Conn does make some progress before the story is over, but he doesn't quite hit the mark for me.  I struggle with imbalance of power in the relationships in these books.  Even with Moira being the most kick-ass of witches, Conn still has to win.  At least she gets a couple of small victories.  I guess that's progress.

Rating: B

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by Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Kensington

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