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Review: Gavin's Submissives

Reviewed by Shelly

I’m a fan of this publisher, but the author is someone that I’ve not read in the past. Considering there are quite a few of her books through this publisher I decided to take a chance on this story; it doesn’t hurt that I’m a fan of the category and it’s a relatively quick read. This is the first in the Creek Valley series where ménage and the like are not uncommon.

Fresh out of a marriage with an abusive husband, Heidi is finally free to pursue some measure of happiness. Deciding to move back to her hometown of Creek Valley where she felt comfortable and safe Heidi temporarily moves in with her childhood friend Landon and his lover/Dom, Gavin. Although Heidi has been away for ten years, Landon has been a faithful friend and kept in touch with her over time... and he’s always had a thing for her. Can these three make a go of things or will past actions, hurtful words and Heidi’s ex put a stop to their happiness?

Heidi is a full figured woman who --despite the ending result of her previous marriage-- is an admitted submissive. Regardless of the non-excusable verbal and physical abuse she suffered in her marriage, she  enjoyed the dominance of her husband – the telling her what to do, what to wear kind of thing. So it wasn’t a shock that she didn’t blink an eye when Landon confessed to the D/s lifestyle that he prefers with Gavin. She did have problems dealing with the budding relationship between the three of them, but they were more self-directed about what she could offer the guys. I did have a problem with was the timing of everything and a couple other things – but before I get ahead of myself, I’ll tell you some of the good stuff

Landon is a relatively nice guy. He’s always always had a thing for Heidi and during his time with Gavin he’s let it be known that he still loves her and if he ever gets the chance with her he’ll take it. I thought that was an honest approach and I appreciated that the author didn’t have Heidi and Landon re-meet and then have the miraculous, can’t live without each other falling in love. There were moments that I wanted to bash Landon’s head in, but in the end he prevailed and my likability of him was restored.

Gavin, the Dom in the relationship, came across a little…I don’t know…spoiled and temperamental is all I can think of. There’s a sensitive moment between him and Landon where I couldn’t believe his reaction as a grown ass man and a Dom no less. But that’s okay because I don’t have to like them all the time, right?

Here’s what I wasn’t so keen on – Gavin’s quick concession to a relationship with Heidi. He’d met her less that one day when that happened. And even though he grew up in the same town he didn’t remember Heidi, so why so soon – because of Landon? No way – I’m gonna need more convincing than that. Another bother for me was a sex scene when Heidi noticed that Gavin’s not wearing a condom and ‘she scared to ask him why and what it actually meant’. COME on, seriously she’s that big of a doormat she’s not concern with the High V, STDs or pregnancy? That’s just dumb.

Don’t take my small rant to mean I didn’t like it, because I liked it enough to want to read the next story in the series as I thought this was a nice introduction. If you’re a fan of Oaks Bliss series this might tickle your fancy.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B-

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Gavin's Submissives
by Sam Crescent
Release Date: June 12, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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