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Review: Chasing Mrs. Right

Reviewed by Allison
Ian didn't want a Welcome Home party. He wasn't ready and he didn't know half the people in the club anyway. After 10 years active duty, there are things you can't unsee. And those things mess with a man. But, as he fled the scene, he bumped into a miracle on legs (sexy ones at that.) The woman he ran into and subsequently patched up had a unique talent - she brought him peace. A simple touch could calm his anxiety like nothing before.  He knew she was special and he had to keep her in his arms longer. A one night stand is a good start...

The strange but beautiful man that ran Roxanne over and proceeded to bandage her scrape, lit her on fire like never before. He made her feel things she never thought she would.  He made her want. Best thing to do for a commitment-phobe like herself? Get him out of her system. All she needed was just one night. Love would only lead to pain and hatred anyway, but lust on the other hand was fun. And her plan was working magically...until he said his name and she realized that she was in bed with her best friend's older brother.

Ian and Roxanne had a LOT of growing to do. They both had inner demons to fight: his, a product of war and hers, a product of a very selfish and unhappy mother. Even though Ian was dealing with "almost PTSD" (even though I'm not sure that you can almost have something like that) he came around to the idea of he and Roxanne a lot quicker than she did. She did her best to push him away, convinced that it would only lead to tears and heartbreak. He seduced her into spending more time with him and then won her heart by opening up, trusting her, and needing her. It was hard at times to watch someone push the best thing in their life away so fervently, but I was also glad that they didn't get over such huge fears so quickly either. I think the "I love you" came a bit too quickly, but it certainly wasn't easily which made up for part of it. Still, through all the misunderstandings, Ian and Roxanne are a couple you root for and pray they see the light, so they can be the gooey happy couple hiding in the corner pawing at each other at parties.

This was a good follow up to the first book in Ms. Robert's series, Wrong Bed, Right Guy. I really enjoyed visiting with our first couple since Ian is Elle's brother, we get a glimpse life after their "HEA". These stories are solidly entertaining reads, very spicy, and my favorite part - the MAN chases the WOMAN! Pretty refreshing change of roles in romance.  I love that she tells us that not all men are afraid of commitment, nor are all women ready to hop into marriage at every turn! I'll definitely be tuning in for the next chapter to see who Nathan (also introduced in Book 1) is bringing to Elle's wedding!

Rating: B

*ARC Provided by Entangled

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Chasing Mrs. Right
by Katee Robert
Release Date: March 25, 2013
Publisher: Entangled

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Nice review!

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Thank you, dear! :D


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