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Review: Unforeseen

Reviewed by Allison
Alex Crocker is a middle school teacher that has always had incredible "intuition" about people. She didn't think much about it, until while out on a run one night, she gets nabbed by what she later finds out are vampires. She got caught in the crosshairs of a battle in the centuries old war between two covens...or at least, that's what everyone thought. When "Knower" Sage finds he can't erase her memory, he knows that she's not the average human and takes her back to headquarters to keep her safe while finding out more about the anomaly. She fights being questioned for a long time but after finally getting some answers, she begins to learn more about the world she's been thrust into.

The Q&A session between Alex and the Regan (the head of the coven) is essentially how Ms. Grimley chooses to build her world. Alex asks something in order to understand her situation better and gets a history lesson in return that conveniently explains it to the reader as well.

There isn't much character development, which is disappointing as three of the vamps that befriend Alex -- Sage (the aforementioned Knower), Markus (a traditional but adorable vamp who becomes the love interest), and Rocky (the youngest vamp in the group who is serving a sentence by working for the Regan)-- are all great characters. Unfortunately, I personally wasn't a fan of Alex herself. I thought she was obnoxiously loud, rude, impatient, and she hurt Rocky! On purpose! Not cool, Alex, not cool.

There was a mystery element to the story as she went on the journey to try to figure herself out as a "Seer" and what all her gifts entailed as well as a family enigma that wasn't quite solved by the end. I honestly had high hopes for this book, but had the hardest time finishing it. The plot was too strung out, it didn't piece together soon enough, and the love story completely lacked spark. I liked Markus and Alex together, but there was no way I could believe they loved each other after a couple of walks around the compound. It would've been a lot more plausible to put her with Sage since they could read each other.

Overall, it wasn't a terrible read, but I was not impressed.

Grade: D

*ARC provided by author for review

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by Lauren Grimley
Release Date: April 26, 2012
Publisher: Malachite Quills Publishing

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