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Review: Hunter's Prey

Reviewed by Jen
The more I read from the Bloodhounds series, the more I enjoy them.  They're this gritty blend of shapeshifter, old west, steampunk, and holy hot sex --and I am already jonesing for the next one. 

This story features Hunter, the man turned into a Bloodhound against his will and kept caged and tortured by the vampires in Wilder's Mate.  He is trying to aclimate himself to his new life, but he is having a hard time reconciling the man that he once was, to the beast that is now inside him.  He is living with Wilder, Satira, Nate, and Ophelia --and he is coming on his first new moon where he is not locked behind bars.

It's Ophelia who he wants to slake his lust upon during those three days of burning need, but he fights it. He is afraid he'll hurt her. But when the time comes, his beast will accept no other.

Thankfully, Hunter's feelings are not one sided.  Ophelia wants him too and only fears that the man in him doesn't want her as much as the Bloodhound does.  The story follows their path to mating, as Archer and Wilder search out a new vampire threat.  Oh --and some guys from the Guild come sniffing around to check out Hunter and Nate.

It absolutely must be said that the sex in these books hits all of my happy buttons.  It's just the right blend of dirty and needy and passionate without crossing the line into eye-rolling.  The sexual element of Hunter and Ophelia's relationship is awesome, but I also really liked their tentative romance as well.  They both have issues that make them fear rejection from the other, but I love that it's handled honestly between them.

There is action and violence and an interesting plot to go along with the loving too.  There is also a wealth of fleshed out secondary characters which give depth to the world and plant the seeds for future stories. It's just cool all over.  You should definitely check this series out.

Rating: B+

*Book provided by authors for review

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Hunter's Prey
by Moira Rogers
Release Date: March 6, 2012
Publisher: Samhain

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At Saturday, December 29, 2012 at 1:31:00 PM CST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the hottest and my favorite quote from the series is in this book.

"This is playing dirty, darling." He withdrew only to surge back, thrusting hard enough to inch her up the bed. "I'll fuck you every way a man's invented and a few God hoped we'd never figure out. Anything to make you beg for more."

So hawt. Hope you like the next book as much :-)


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