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Review: A Love Untamed

Reviewed by Jen
As the newest member of the Feral Warriors, Fox is still trying to learn his place in the elite brotherhood.  It's a task made even more difficult by the fact that he came into his animal at the same time a group of tainted animal spirits found their hosts. 

He's barely instilled in Feral House when one of the tainted Ferals kidnaps Kara the Radiant, mate to the Feral leader and source of their power.  Now Fox and his new brothers must join forces with members of the sensual and powerful Ilinas to rescue Kara and bring her back home.

It becomes immediately clear that Melisande, second in command of the Ilinas, is meant to be Fox's mate.  That doesn't really go over big with either one of them. Fox is a playboy with no desire to settle down.  He thinks he can scratch his itch with Melisande and be done with it.  Melisande's issues, however, are far more complicated.  She is the victim of horrific abuse that she has never gotten over.  She has cut herself off from tender feelings to become a merciless killer for her people.  And she fears that if she lets any emotions in, she will shatter.

For longtime fans of the series, the book shows Melisande in a very new light.  She has done some coldhearted things in her past, but now we see why.  It may not be enough to make everyone warm to her, but suffice it to say, she has been through a lot.  Fox is pretty much your standard heartbreaker.  He is gorgeous and he knows it.  He loves playing the field and lives up to his reputation... until he realizes there has been a woman out there for him all along.

I like the world-building in this series for the most part, though it can get a little cheesy at times with the animal names and nicknames.  I like that Pamela Palmer isn't afraid to get dark with it  (though fortunately not as dark as in her Vamp City books.) In that vein, the way that Fox deals with Melisande's history of abuse went a long way to improving his character in my opinion. Though with the gray cloud of her past hanging over them, I didn't find the sex, well, all that sexy.

She does a good job on setting up a story for the side character Grizz.  Though it's a Wulfe story I really want.  Overall, I found the book pretty good, but I didn't emotionally invest enough for it to be great.

Rating: B-

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A Love Untamed
by Pamela Palmer
Release Date: December 26, 2012
Publisher: Avon

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At Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 7:45:00 PM CST , Blogger Jennifer @ The Book Nympho said...

I still need to read the book before this one.

At Friday, December 28, 2012 at 10:11:00 AM CST , Anonymous Ann@Blogging-Profits-Unleashed said...

I love this series! I can't wait to read this 7th book in the Feral Warrior series. Many thanks for your review.

At Friday, December 28, 2012 at 7:51:00 PM CST , Blogger Jen at Red Hot Books said...

Those are the only two I have read!

At Friday, December 28, 2012 at 7:51:00 PM CST , Blogger Jen at Red Hot Books said...

Thank you for stopping by!


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