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Review: A Reason to Believe

Reviewed by Jen

It's been more than a year since Matt lost his partner and lover, Brad, in a senseless shooting. Since then, he's been going through the motions of life.  He was outed to his boss in the aftermath of the tragedy and ever since, has been relegated to a desk job instead of working the streets as a police detective --that is, until now.  His first real case centers on the disappearance of a little girl... one who decides to appear to him as a ghost at her murder scene.

The thing is, Matt doesn't believe in ghosts, but he can't deny that little Abby's spirit is what lead him to her body.  It only makes matters worse when he admits the truth to his boss --and he is forced to take time off and see a shrink.

After he confides the truth to his sister in law, Sheila, she drags him to see a touring psychic.  Matt is skeptical, but Kiernan zeros in on him right away.  The handsome tv star offers his services to help Matt solve the case, and as they work together, a romance is born.

I liked this book.  I thought both Matt and Kiernan were extremely likeable. Matt, especially, is very sympathetic as he tries to deal with Brad's death.  The sexual tension between the two men is strong, and the love scenes were just right: sexy, detailed, and believable.

As for the mystery end of the story, I thought that was well done too. I had a sneaking suspicion on the identity of the killer, but the why of it was a good surprise. The ghost part was cool and vital to the story, but I don't think the paranormal element overshadowed the story.  There is real danger to Matt and Kiernan as the murderer tries to stop their investigation... as well as great us-against-the-world vibe, which helps draw these two closer and closer together. 

The characters were fleshed out and supported well by a few secondary players, like Sheila and  Kiernan's sister. My only small beef: the L-word in four days.  I Would have still believed in their future without it, and I could have skipped an eye-roll. But otherwise, I liked the book a lot. Worth checking out.

Rating: B

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A Reason to Believe
by Diana Copland
Release Date: October 23, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

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