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Review: Liv's Journey

Reviewed by Shelly
While doing a photo shot on the Journey ranch, former supermodel Liv Aune meets Army officer Trey Journey. At first glance these two feel the attraction, but Liv is hesitant because of her weight. Trey is a dominant who’s looking for a submissive, not a doormat, and he thinks that he might have found something in Liv.

I really didn’t understand Liv – for a 24 year-old supermodel, she’s got the biggest case of insecurity over her body and how much she eats. She used to be a size zero until a couple year prior, when one day she decided that she’s going to start eating ‘cause she’s hungry (huh?) and didn’t want to be malnourished anymore. I would assume that’s a hard decision to make, but what’s puzzling is that I didn’t understand Liv’s personal journey and the transition of her weight and its relationship to her chosen career. She’s been modeling since age twelve when her mother put her into modeling to help pay for college, except that Liv didn’t go to college (not yet anyway).

On one of their first dates, Liv says something that Trey didn’t like and thought as disrespectful – so he sends her out to the truck to wait for him. When he gets there and begins her punishment there’s an incident where someone catches them red-handed (pun intended), quickly captures the images and flees. There’s a whole blackmail story behind that. However, the conflict didn’t seem to be the photograph taken but of Liv’s ongoing ordeal with her weight and whether Trey would think she’s a ‘pig’ (she said it, I didn’t) when he sees how much she eats.

In addition to all that, Liv’s a bit of a brat and would say things that just asked for something to happen and Trey would bring it every time. I’m didn’t really understand the reason for the spankings either. Some seemed a bit harsh – there’s a scene with a looped belt that I’m not sure how that was pleasing to Liv. She and Trey did seem to have a spark and I think that he liked her quite a bit, but I didn’t like the head games that he played with her about being in the BDSM lifestyle that he’s into.

This is a short read, about 39K words so I can’t give too much away. I will say that if you like spankings in your stories, give this one a try. I’d like to read the others in the series to see who’s up next, because there were some other interesting characters, mainly Ace, Trey’s older brother who I wouldn’t mind getting to know a little bit more (if you know what I mean – insert wink).

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

*Book provided by author for review

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Liv's Journey
by Patricia Green
Release Date: March 23, 2012
Publisher: Blushing Books

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