Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: Freya's Journey

Reviewed by Shelly
This is a very quick read, about 19 – 24 pages (according to your font setting) in an ePub file.

***Warning – read the blurb folks, when Ms. Rose says that “Freya seeks out her consort and ‘step-brother’ Frey for his knowledge on how to please her” – that’s code for they have sex. So if you’re not into siblings/step-siblings having sex (aka incest), don’t read this story. You’ve been warned.

Freya, the goddess of sex, love and fertility is missing her husband Od, the god of sun something fierce. She decides that the only way to assuage her desires is to go find him herself.  I’m not sure how long he’s been missing or why his/her guards couldn’t go looking for him but hey I’ll suspend my thinking abilities for now. So off she goes to find Od but decides to make a quick overnight stop at her step-brother’s, Frey, house to get information on Od’s whereabouts and to have sex.  I am NOT a fan of incest, no matter how much it’s dressed up or what it’s dressed up as.

Hold on, I’m not done yet. I kept reading because I was sure the story could only go up from here. Oh, how wrong I was. Once Freya left her step-brother’s house she meets four dwarf brothers in a cave with whom she has sex with (as a trade for a necklace and information about her husband’s whereabouts). At this point, I’m kinda wondering what kind of goddess this woman is because she’s going around having sex with all kinds of folks in order to quench her thirst? Doesn’t she have goddess powers to help with that?

Anyway, Freya finally meets up with Od and the end happened so quickly, I had to read it twice because here I am reading through an incest scene and I get a quickie ending. Dog-gone-it, I was hot but not in a good way. I’m taking points off for the sibling sex, the abrupt ending, and Freya telling the dwarfs that she’ll trade her two daughters for the necklace (that ain’t cool.)

Not-Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: F

*Book provided by author for review

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Freya's Journey
by Tiffany Rose
Release Date: May 27, 2012

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