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Review: A Kiss in the Wind

Reviewed by Jen
All Marisol wants is to find and rescue her missing brother Monte. Her father, the pirate captain Alain, believes he is dead. So does her other brother Luc. But Marisol knows Monte is alive. And now she believes he is on the merchant ship Gloria.

When Marisol learns that a messenger travels with word of the Gloria's location, she heads him off and gets ahold of the missive. Her escape throws her directly in the path of Captain Blade Tyburn, a pirate as well known for his mastery of women as his mastery of the seas. She picks his pocket, having no idea that the cameo she is palming holds great value to him. And through a series of events stemming from her theft, she ends up on his ship, headed straight for the Gloria.

Blade is both drawn to and repulsed by Marisol. She is spirited and bold, but she's also a liar and a thief. He tries to fight his physical attraction to her, but it's a losing battle. He does better when he faces her over and over in battles of wit and will.

The story follows the intrigue surrounding the Gloria and a missing shipment of silver. Not everyone is what they seem, which keeps the book interesting and pacing pretty quick. I did get a little confused a couple of times trying to keep all the ships and their crews straight in my head. But really, what matters in the story is the relationship blooming between Blade and Marisol. It's not exactly an epic love story, but Marisol has had a pretty tough life and she suffers a great deal of betrayal and loss in the story. Blade becomes her first true comfort and the only person she can really count on. Plus, the sex is hot.

Entertaining with a lot of twists and turns.  3 1/2 stars.

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A Kiss in the Wind
by Jennifer Bray-Webber
Release Date: March 26, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

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