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Review: Perfection

In the world Kris Cook has created with his Eternally Three series, immortals live among us. But they need a certain sexual energy to sustain their life force. An angel must join with a jinn and a human in "tripling" and share energy. (By the way, a "tripling" is exactly what you think it is.)

This story follows Micki, a human woman who is searching for her missing brother. She knows something is wrong, thanks to a cryptic message he left her, asking her to bring his flash drive to a club and give it to a man named David. It turns out that the club is a hedonistic house of flesh. And once she arrives, she has trouble remembering her mission. All she can think about is her erotic attraction to the two men who remind her of the dirty sex dreams she's been having. --And wouldn't you know it? One of them is a jinn and the other, an angel.

Apparently, David's a big muckety-muck in the supernatural world and he has assigned Jared and Bradley to watch over Micki. And boy, do they ever. But the mind-blowing sex reveals there is something special about their tripling and the woman in the center of it. As the book progresses, we see Micki, Jared, and Bradley fight the agents of the Dark who hope to harness their power, search for Micki's missing brother, and have lots and lots of sex.

The menage action is seriously hot. Dirty, sweaty, slutty, look over-your-shoulder to-see-who's-watching-you-read hot. Micki is the clueless human, learning to embrace her carnal side... Bradley, the do-right angel... and Jared, the damaged jinn who is trying to redeem himself for past mistakes. It's a fun supernatural sexcapade, with a fairly straightforward conflict to anchor the dirty bits together. And they were good dirty bits --but I had a few nitpicks. One: You have to accept a lot of the supernatural parts of the story at face value, without a lot of world-building. Two: It bothered me a little how easily Micki jumped into the nasty with two strangers in a public place, no matter how hot they were. And three: As good as the sex is between among them, they all fell in love really fast.

It was fast, fun ride, though... as long as you don't try to take it too seriously.  A little more than 3 stars.

*Book provided by author for review

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by Kris Cook
Release Date: September 1, 2009
Publisher: Siren

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At Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 1:33:00 PM CST , Anonymous Paperback Daydreamer said...

I received this from a Giveaway and I'm very excited to read this book...I've never read an erotica from a male author before and I'm interested to see how similar/different it is from the ones I've read by female authors. :-)


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