Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: Black Magic Sanction

Reviewed by Jen
As powerful as Rachel Morgan has become over the course of this series, it is easy to forget that she is not the most talented witch out there.  But now that she is shunned and the witches’ council is after her, it’s a truth that cannot be ignored.  The council kidnaps Rachel in retaliation for her dealings with demons.  Some just want her imprisoned; some want her stripped of her magic; and some want to steal her eggs to make more witches who can kindle demon magic.  Fortunately, Rachel still has Al’s summoning name and makes it back home to mount her defense.

Rachel’s ties to Al are closer than ever. In fact, it looks like our resident demon is developing quite a fondness for her.  And while I don’t think Rachel considers him a BFF, the tide may be turning on how she thinks about him too.  The whole teacher-student thing is giving them something of a bond. 

Pierce is back and moving with great swiftness into the boyfriend category.  We still get some reminders of Kisten (and they still tug on my heartstrings) but Rachel seems to be ready to move on. Of course, as our hearts begin to mend from his wrenching death, Kim Harrison is standing by, ready to crush us again with another beloved character death.  It’s not a big surprise, but it packs a big emotional punch.

All of this happens as Rachel struggles to come to terms with what she is. A demon? A witch? It really doesn’t matter, as she looks inside herself and starts to judge right and wrongs without the labels and preconceptions she’s had all her life.  Another great Hollows installment. 5 stars.

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Black Magic Sanction
by Kim Harrison
Release Date: February 23, 2010
Publisher: Harper Voyager

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