Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: The Vampire Voss

Reviewed by Jen
In his nearly 150 years on Earth, Voss has thought little of anyone or anything except himself. He is a smooth talking seducer, who spends his time making conquests and finding ways to best others. It was those very failings in his personality which led Lucifer to extend the offer to make him a vampire all those years ago.  And it's what leads him to pursue Angelica as our story begins.

Angelica was born with psychic gifts that Voss hopes to use to his advantage.  But once he meets the young girl, he finds himself drawn to her.  Even though Angelica's brother is a vampire hunter --and her new guardian is a vampire, she knows nothing of the supernatural beyond her own abilities.  Of course, once she meets Voss, that changes in short order.

Voss isn't the only vampire who wants Angelica. Another vamp is after her too... only he is out for revenge against her brother. Voss quickly becomes her protector against the danger... and for the first time, he is fighting his own baser instincts to do right by the woman he is falling for.

It took me a little while to get into this book. My favorite supernatural books tend to be dark. And this one isn't.  Voss isn't a tortured hero. He's a golden boy, who has to learn humility. And while he is charming, it was hard for me to get very emotionally invested in him.  That was even more the case as he continued boffing other women as he allegedly pined for Angelica.  About halfway through the book, I found myself growing more interested in the story. By that point, Gleason was weaving threads through several characters and storylines, which will no doubt set-up the next two books in the Regency Draculia series.

As for the sex. Well, there isn't much to speak of. Don't get me wrong, Voss is humping all over the place.  But most of what happens on-page is a lot of virginal pining as well as some kissing and a little wandering hands.  The book is nearly over when our couple seals the deal. And while that scene isn't exactly chaste, it didn't make me blush either.

In all, it was a good, light read, that got better the further I got into it.  I liked the world building and most of the characters. And I find myself looking forward to Dimitri's book. 4 stars.

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At Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 12:56:00 PM CDT , Blogger Bex said...

I really liked this one. Gave it 4 stars as well. Though I thought there was a lot of sexual tension between the two! But I agree, there wasn't much of real action between them. Or at all in the book, really.


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