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Review: A Gentleman Says "I Do"

Reviewed by Jen
Iverson is gunning for the man who wrote an embarrassing parody about his family. He hopes to confront Sir Phillip and to extract a promise that such a story will never be published again. When Iverson knocks on the door, it's not Sir Phillip he finds, but the man's spirited daughter, Catalina, instead.

Despite his bluster, Catalina isn't intimidated by Iverson. In fact, she matches his fire and wit in a way no woman ever has. He makes his case to her in her father's absence. He will not tolerate another story about his family and he'll make Sir Phillip pay if another one is published.

Iverson has no idea that Catalina helped her father finish the story. Nor can she bring herself to tell him that there are two more installments of the parody, just waiting to be published. She works to pull the new articles, but can't get it done. Then she tries to find her wandering father, but only manages to cross paths with Iverson at every turn.

Our hero and heroine fall in love rather quickly, but there is a pall over the relationship as we wait for the anvils to fall on their heads. Iverson is characterized as a rake, though he never acts like one on-page. We simply hear about his terrible reputation. With Catalina, he's actually quite a softy. Despite his tough talk, his pique is easily dampened, and his focus quickly becomes much more about Catalina than her father.

The story and the romance are pretty standard for the genre. Nothing jumps out as especially good or bad. It was fairly predictable, but not unpleasant. Iverson's behavior is a contraction to his reputation, so I'm not really sure who he is as a man, but he treats Catalina well despite the circumstances which drew them together. Catalina is a little too good to be true, though naive enough to frustrate me at times. I didn't dislike either one of them, but I didn't invest very deeply in either character for some reason. They just didn't make me feel very much. The sex was ok, though I thought there was little unbelievable dialogue during the act that took away from the scene.

This is book 5 in the Rogues Dynasty series, and while there are clear references to other characters or events featured in the previous books, this works fine as a standalone.

Rating: C

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The Gentleman Says "I Do"
by Amelia Grey
Release Date: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks

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