Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: Eye of the Tempest

I feel like the Jane True series veered from its path a bit in this latest installment. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed it. But there are big changes afoot, both for Jane and the landscape of her world.

I started this book with one thought: If Jane and Anyan don't kiss, I'm going to Nicole Peeler's house and accosting her with my nook. I mean, I have been waiting with drool in the corner of my mouth patiently for these two to realize their feelings and now that they have, there should be no more waiting, right? Well, there is some movement there. But, their relationship has felt like a carrot dangling on a string for a long time. I still want it, but I'm getting annoyed.

In this case, Anyan is benched for nearly the entire book, which negates the ability for the two of them to gain much forward momentum. It turns out, there is a big power hidden somewhere in Rockabill and it's drawing the villains from the last book to Jane's little town. Blondie is a big player in this one.  And I missed our big supporting cast through most of the book.  Ryu was just a voice on the phone --and even Anyan, Nell and Iris were a shadow of their normal presence in the books. A lot of the drama surrounds the history and origins of the supernaturals, which is interesting, but didn't quite pack the same punch as the action in Tempest's Legacy.   A lot of this was a personal mission for Jane.

My favorite thing about these books --the humor and internal dialogue between Jane's virtue and her libido-- is definitely intact. (How can you not laugh when Jane ruminates that Anyan is lord of the vagina?) But part of Jane's charm is the fact that she is such a wonderful underdog. I fear her becoming too powerful; I don't want to lose who she is. I also thought that her reconciliation with Ryu was way too easy. But I've got faith. This series has been a real winner for me.

Let's just hope Jane's poor libido gets some relief soon. She's earned it.  And, frankly, I'm tired of waiting. A little more than 4 stars.

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Eye of the Tempest
by Nicole Peeler
Release Date: August 1, 2011
Publisher: Orbit

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