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Review: Erica's Choice

Reviewed by Shelly
I’m not sure where to start because I’m still amazed that I was so captivated by this story. This was a good book. Lee’s brilliant usage of dialogue worked to not only move this story along, but also to provide just enough kink to entertain the average gal. The majority of the m/m/f stories that I’ve read have an established relationship where a couple is looking for a third. That couple could be either m/m or m/f, this story is different in that these three are not involved in any relationship and they have to make it up as they go along. Sweet!

Reserved and conservative Erica Shannon discovers something that rocks her world. She’s not sure how she’s going to manage that, but she also realizes that it’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines watching life pass her by. Visiting the local bar, Erica walks in and sees her two dream men who she’s been checking out (on the sly of course) for the past several months. Firefighter Corey Wachawski has had his eyes on Erica for a while too, but it’s not until his friend and fellow co-worker Dale Griffin threatens to make a move on Erica, does Corey finally man up and introduces himself to the woman of his dreams; to add more spice, little does Corey know that Griff has his eyes on both Erica and his fellow firefighter. Oh my goodness, it's already soap-opera-ish and I'm just at the beginning - could this read get any sweeter? I thought, for sure, probably not. But do not fear folks, it does get that much better.

I found this book as I was looking for a story that would capture my interest without any flash and this one did the trick. It’s a simple story of three people who choose to be in a relationship. There’s no grand design with hidden agendas (other than some hot sex and sweaty bodies) and complicated storylines, instead it’s a story of falling in love and the angst and heartache that finding your forever-after entails. I found myself drawn to and rooting for each of them for different reasons. Lee does a remarkable job of finding and conveying the strengths and insecurities of her characters.

Erica has a past filled with heartache and abandonment. Even though Corey and Griff treated her like she’s best thing since sliced bread, her fears kept her from making them the family that Corey dreamed and wishing for. The relationship between the three was sweet, yet complicated, and definitely endearing. Like Erica, Griff had his own demons to bear. As the only one with experience as part of a triad, Griff was my favorite not because of his history but because he knew the bad that could happen and he still tried. There’s some really good stuff there.

The chemistry among the three was hot and heavy, the sex scenes plentiful and passionate. I don’t know if Lee’s got anything more in her arsenal like this but I can definitely say that this one is a winner.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

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Erica's Choice
by Sami Lee
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Publisher: Samhain

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