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Review: Lord of Darkness

Reviewed by Jen
It's been two years since Megs has last seen her husband.  She and Godric didn't marry for love.  Her brother knew his darkest secret --that he was the mysterious and deadly Ghost of St. Giles-- and used that information to blackmail him into the marriage.  Megs was pregnant and her fiance, dead. She needed a husband.  But sadly, she lost the baby right after the wedding and quickly went away to the country to convalesce.

Now she is back in London with two missions: to track down her lover's killer and to convince her husband to give her the baby she's always wanted.  Neither task will be an easy one.

Godric has never gotten over the death of his first wife, Clara.  Moving on --even with his new wife-- feels like a betrayal of his first love.  But when he finds out that Megs is plotting to ferret out a killer in St Giles, he agrees to father her child, to keep her distracted and to keep her safe.  Of course, despite their best intentions to stay true to the memories of their lost loved ones... they end up falling for one another.

I liked Godric a lot. He loved his Clara so much.  It was nice to see a hero who isn't a rake. He isn't an alpha. Not a virgin. Not a brother's best friend. Not even a duke or an earl.  He's 37 years-old.  He's known love and loss and sacrifice.  He fights for the downtrodden. And he mourns.  He's so serious and sad, but he hasn't lost his humanity. He generously welcomes Megs and her entourage into his home.  He gives her everything she needs and he never lets her down.

Megs has a harder time letting go of her past than Godric does.  Maybe it's because he is older and more mature that he can allow himself to open his heart again.  But though she is a little slower on the uptake, Megs does come through.  The love story is sweet and the sex is satisfying.

There is also a scintillating set up for the third Ghost's story, featuring Artemis and the Duke of Wakefield.  I am intrigued in her and her twin's story --and I am excited to find out what Wakefield's single-minded focus is.

Another solid installment from a great series.

Rating: B

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Lord of Darkness
by Elizabeth Hoyt
Release Date: February 26, 2013
Publisher: Forever

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At Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 12:03:00 PM CST , Blogger Unknown said...

Totally captured my interest. The Ghost sounds like a character I've got to get to know. Thanks for the recommendation!

At Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 10:37:00 PM CST , Blogger Lover Of Romance said...

I have just loved this series, and I hope to get this one soon. I really like the sound of Godric. Definitely sounds like a sweet love story! Lovely review!


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