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Review: Pure and Sinful

Reviewed by Allison
Riona Dade is a witch and a Pure Soul. Marc (the Catholic priest) and Dee (aka Dionysus, demigod of Olympus) are Pure Souls as well.  The trio begins the book with Riona's very first demon vanquishing - that of her sexy demon ex-boyfriend, Jerry. Little does she know that as the Keystone, she harnesses great power, a power that makes her Lucifer's number one target. Since Jerry ended up actually falling for Riona (as much as a demon can), it's up to Lucifer to convert her, himself. Too bad she never saw him coming...

The story has multiple POVs that switch between Riona, Dee, Marc and occasionally Lucifer or Jerry. It is definitely a character driven book and I liked that they showed solid development, but I can't say the same for the relationships. Ree was in love with one guy, but hops into bed with her new neighbor? It just doesn't add up. But Marc was adorable with his whole tortured and tempted priest gig while Dee was cool because, well, he's Dionysus!

I didn't understand the organization behind the Pure Souls or the purpose behind the assignments the team was given (aside from vanquishing demons) so I suppose the world building left me with questions that I hope the next book will do a better job of answering. I did enjoy the humor. It was very clever - I loved how she worded things. It reminded me of J.R. Ward in that she was always looking for a different way to phrase words or sentences.

So, even though the story had some problem areas, the ending was a fantastic twist and cliffhanger, and I'm definitely looking forward to what McRae brings us in the next chapter of Riona and the Pure Souls saga!

Rating: B-

*ARC provided by author for review

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Pure and Sinful
by Killain McRae
Release Date: September 20, 2012
Publisher: Tulipe Noire Press

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