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Review: Bitter Harvest

Reviewed by Jen
I like sci-fi/ futuristic romance stories and I am known to enjoy the sexy goodness of some m/m loving --so I thought this novella would give me the best of both worlds. In this future/ alternate world, a computer generated mutation has taken over humanity, turning almost everyone into mindless sex machines. There are a few patches of survivors here and there, but it seems like they are only fighting off their inevitable fall.

Sutton is one of those left uninfected. He has a special immunity, of sorts, which allows him to withstand the super-mojo pheromones of the sex-zombies. (To be fair, they're not actually zombies. They're more like the Borg, but go with me on this.) When Rider stumbles into his camp, it's clear he's been altered by the nano-technology, but he clearly has disconnected from the sex-zombie hive mind. Sutton fears Rider is more likely a next-generation carrier, rather than someone who managed to escape. But when all the tests on him come back negative, he is allowed to stay in the camp.

Sutton's body wanted Rider's from the moment he laid eyes on him, but he fights the attraction. He manages to stay out of Rider's pants for about half the story, but really, that's only about 40 pages. Once they give in, well, I have to leave something unspoiled. But I will say that it's odd.

Honestly, the whole thing was kind of odd. Even those who aren't sex-zombies are all holed-up, humping each other like bunnies. And everybody wants to hump Rider. And most do. Which makes it hard to completely swallow this uber- connection he has with Sutton. What's so special about Sutton to make him the one, not just in the want-to-hump him way, but in the epic way that I can't talk about because it will spoil the end of story?

It's one of those books that you just can't take too seriously or question too deeply. It was entertaining, though, and it had some solid sexual tension and good sex. And if the idea of a sort-of a Skynet produced sex-Borg future sounds good to you, then you'd probably enjoy it. 2 1/2 stars.

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Bitter Harvest
by Kim Knox
Release Date: March 19, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

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