Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: The Empath

Reviewed by Jen
After recently reading the latest book in the Draicon Werewolf series, I decided to go back and see where the series began. I can't say it measured up to The Shadow Wolf. More like it suffers from first-bookitis. There are glimpses of what I enjoyed so much in the later installment, but it didn't quite hit the mark.

The story centers on Nicolas, the Beta for his werewolf pack. Right now, he is banished from the pack. And the only way he can get back in, is to find his fated mate Maggie and return her to their people. Maggie was part of the pack as a child, but she has been lost to them for many years. She lost her memories of the wolves after her parents died... so she has no idea what she is. Not only is she a wolf, but she is also a rare Empath. She is skilled in healing and is prophesied to lead her people against their enemy race, the Morphs.

I can't say that I loved Maggie as a heroine. She was really kind of a whiner. "Oh Nicolas, I just can't kill animals. An ant is a living creature." Gag. I know that she's got a lot to take in, but I found myself frustrated with her for much of the book. Nicolas is a bit better... an ok tortured hero. But he walks the line of martyr on occasion, as well.

I can tell you that there was great sexual tension and the love scenes rocked. There was plenty of action too. The world building was fair. But if I had read this before trying out a later book in the series, I don't know if I would have ventured on to another installment. It was ok. A little more than 3 stars.

P.S. Who comes up with cover art like this?  It looks like the heroine is doing uncomfortable things to the hero's backside. Horrible.

The Empath
by Bonnie Vanak
Release Date: December 1, 2007 
Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne

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