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Review: Body of Sin

Reviewed by Jen
The first three books in this series were all about the murder of Lokan Krayl.

OK, to be fair, they were about solving the murder of Lokan Krayl while his brothers found love and got laid.  And the big climax came with the Lokan's resurrection and the revelation of his killer.  That was the end of the last book --but only the beginning of Lokan's story.

As this book begins, he is still trapped in the Underworld.  And he must pass through a dozen treacherous gates before he can return Topside and reunite with his precious daughter, Dana.  It's a task that's beyond his capabilities.  Fortunately, it's not beyond Byrn's.

Byrn is Dana's mother, but she is also a "walker"... one capable of leading souls through the Underworld.  Once she learns who really killed Lokan, she is smart enough to realize that she, alone, cannot protect their child. So she journeys the kingdom of Osiris, to guide Lokan home.

Together, the two must face one challenge after the other.  And for the first time, they must also face their feelings for each other. In flashback, we learn about their history together, and we see the evolution of their relationship. This is a welcome change of pace for a series that usually subscribes to the "thunderbolt" theory of instant connection.  Their love for each other is really a revelation for them both.  Both characters were likable, each willing to sacrifice themselves for the daughter they love so much.  Their love story was more sweet than steamy, though there were a couple of smexy scenes to add some spice.

The conclusion was satisfying, but ample foreshadowing kept it from being much of a surprise.  The ending of every book in this series has been abrupt, but I've always written that off to the cliffhangers. Here, even with solid resolution, the book still ended hard and fast.  But with the introduction of Bryn's brothers, I have a feeling the author will find more story to tell.  4 stars.

*ARC Provided by NetGalley

Body of Sin
by Eve Silver
Release Date: August 23, 2011 
Publisher: HQN

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