Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review: Ecstasy in Darkness

Reviewed by Jen
Ecstasy in Darkness rates high on both the smut and the paranormal charts… which is a win-win for me. It’s book 5 (or 7 if you count the two YA stories) in the Alien Huntress Series. And it features vampire badass McKell, who we met in the last book Seduce the Darkness. He is still pretty bummed out about losing his fated Bride and is now facing life exiled from his people.  His heroine, the young Ava, is an agent in training for the Alien Investigation Removal (AIR) agency and is tasked to bring him in.

Ava has lived a hard life and has never had anyone she could trust besides her good friend Noelle. They’re trying to become AIR agents. The head of the agency, Mia Snow, has decided to let them prove their worth by ordering them to bring in McKell for questioning.

Of course, McKell is opposed to the idea, but the girls use their feminine wiles to distract him enough to almost catch him. He uses his powers to get away and quickly becomes infatuated with Ava. In fact, his body recognizes her as his mate and as a result, he can only drink from her from that moment on. The cat-and-mouse game between them is short-lived and before you know it, Ava and McKell are making out. It takes awhile before they do the deed, but in their defense, they have three big roadblocks:
1. Ava’s serious abandonment issues;
2. McKell’s vampire superiority complex; and
3. The evil alien queen trying to turn everyone into sex-crazed cannibals (a story way too complicated too truly explain here.)

Obviously, they get together eventually, but the tension is fun along the way.

As always, Gene Showalter delivers in the smex department. The sexual tension and follow-through is through the roof. I love that she continues to incorporate familiar characters as she continues her world building throughout the series. She doesn’t waste time expounding on things I’m not interested in. The plot moves fast and there’s no point in the book that you’d want to put it down.

Loved this book. It’s not deep, but it’s fast and fun. 5 stars.

Ecstasy in Darkness
by Gena Showalter
Release Date: October 26, 2010
Publisher: Pocket Star 

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