Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Stolen

Reviewed by Jen
Stolen is one of my very favorite installments in Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series.  It features feisty werewolf Elena as the narrator, but it opens the door to the rich world of other supernatural characters that will be the hallmark of the series.

As our story begins, Elena is going to meet someone who claims to have proof that werewolves exist.  It turns out that the offer is really a ruse for a pair of witches to get in the same room with her.  They want to warn her about a project that is collecting members of the supernatural community to study them.  And the witches hope the pack will join up with them and others who are trying to stop the abductions.  Here is where we meet Paige Winterbourne, the young 20-something witch that will narrate the next book.  We start to learn about the history witches and sorcerers, shamans and half-demons, while getting to know characters of all the different varieties.  It might sound like a lot to take it, but it's done rather seamlessly.  Even though there is a huge influx of characters, each is distinct and easy to keep straight.

There's plenty of action in the story, as Elena is captured and held with the other prisoners.  This book isn't as much of an emotional wringer, the way Bitten was for me.  But the plot was so good and the characters so much fun that I think I may have liked it even more.  And I can't leave out the awesome goodness of Clay Danvers here. He is such a great love interest for Elena.  The guy is so utterly devoted to her and oh-my-Goodness is he hot. 

I love the way Armstrong has broadened her world-building with this book.  Elena will probably always be my favorite narrator, but the move to branch out really keeps the series from getting stale. A great book. 5 stars.

by Kelley Armstrong
Release Date: 2002
Publisher: Random House of Canada

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At Monday, June 13, 2011 at 9:46:00 AM CDT , Blogger Jamie Kline (Bookerella) said...

I LOVE Kelley Armstrong's books, she is such an amazing writer. I agree Stolen is my favorite so far. I'm surprised though at how much I enjoyed Dime Store Magic. I was kind of disappointed at first that it wasn't going to be about Elena and Clay, plus I didn't really care for Paige all that much. But I actually really enjoyed it and it does keep the series from getting to redundant.

At Monday, June 13, 2011 at 10:55:00 AM CDT , Blogger Jen at Red Hot Books said...

I am re-reading Dime Store Magic now. I think I like it better on the second read. The first time, I was too discombobulated that the narrator changed. But now, I appreciate what Armstrong has done to keep the series fresh.


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