Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: One Foot in the Grave

Reviewed by Jen
Move over Mommy Dearest, Justina Crawfield may have just stolen your title as the worst mom in the history of the world. Because of her, and her undying hatred for vampires, her daughter Cat has spent the past four years without the love her life. At the end of Halfway to the Grave, a military organization came to Cat and asked her to join their special unit, designed to fight vampires. That, or they would kill her vampire-lover, Bones. Cat would have just run off with Bones, but she knew Justina would never accept him and she would become a target for all of Cat’s enemies. So Cat accepted the job and disappeared, leaving Bones with only a goodbye note.

In the past four years, Cat has used her skills as a half-vampire to train a team.  And they’re as close as family. But now, a new threat is on the scene. He wants Cat dead.. and only Bones can keep her safe. Of course, when they come together again, all the old magic is there, but with years of longing fueling their desires.  They make an explosive couple.  The sex is even more amazing this time around… My Goodness, Jeaniene Frost, you could make a reader blush.

What’s different about the first book in the series, is that now we are fleshing out some great secondary characters which become pivotal to the series: humans like Denise, Tate, Juan, & Don; our ghoul Rodney is back; and we’ve got vamps like Charles, Annette, & Ian. And let’s not forget Cat’s parents. Yes, parents with an “s.” You already know what I think of Justina; but dad Max is even worse. It’s really a wonder that Cat turned out as well as she did.

This was a great book. Most Paranormal Romances have a new couple with each edition, but Cat & Bones are strong enough to keep me glued to the page for as many books as Frost can churn out. This is a fabulous, fun, easy read –and a series I would recommend without reservation. 5 stars.

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