Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review: Claiming the Highlander

When I first started Claiming the Highlander, I was afraid I had finally found a Sherrilyn Kenyon story that I didn’t like. But I’ve read so many of her books, I stayed with it, despite the slow start. And I am so glad I did. Not only did it improve, it actually turned out to be a pretty great book.

Braden MacAllister is the rogue playboy of his Highlander family. Women throw themselves at him. So when the women of his home village stage a revolt against the men, he is the perfect guy to try to talk them out of it. The fiery Maggie is behind the women’s cause. They have all locked themselves on holy ground, refusing to serve the men in any way, until they end a longstanding feud with a rival clan. Maggie has held a torch for Braden her whole life, but she is disheartened by his rakish reputation. And she knows it for what it is, when he tries to seduce her to manipulate her. For the first time, a women calls him on his load of bull.

It’s great fun to see Braden fall for Maggie as they work together to find another way to end the war. I liked learning that he was not all he seemed. And in the meantime, I found Maggie to be a tough and likeable heroine. It was easy to root for them to be together. I also found myself anxious to learn more about Braden’s brothers, especially the tortured Sin. (Thankfully, his story is next in the series.)
The romance is, in turn, sweet and very sexy. Kenyon (MacGregor) can write the heck out of a love scene. I really liked it. 4 stars.

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