Monday, January 3, 2011

Review: Blood Cross

Reviewed by Jen
Jane Yellowrock seems to be making herself indispensable to the vampire community. Which is a little ironic considering she is a vampire hunter.  She is fresh off the heels of killing a shapeshifter, masquerading as the son of the Master Vampire of the City of New Orleans, Leo. Now, she has been tasked by the vampire council with figuring out who has been creating new vampires and letting them run wild in the city. Oh, and did I mention that Leo has gone ’round-the-bend crazy since he found out his son is dead? And he blames Jane.

But despite Leo’s crazy-factor, Jane has a job to do. And Leo’s human servant Bruiser is there to help her do it.  (There is a very, very hot limo scene between the two of them which may have been the high point of the book for me. But I digress.) 

Jane’s best friend (and witch) Molly is staying with Jane, along with Molly’s two kids.  Witches are a big focus of the book in general… as several witch kids go missing –which may or may not have something to do with the rogue vamp-maker.  Oh, and rounding out our cast of characters is Rick LaFleur, who we found out at the end of Skinwalker is a cop.  There’s still a spark between him and Jane. And unlike Bruiser, he doesn’t have a vampire (or anyone else) in his life that he’ll put before her. (*Spoiler*) I have say, I’m not terribly disappointed that Jane chooses Rick in the end. But I am VERY disappointed that their loving takes place entirely off page. Our author gave us a very sexy scene in the book with Bruiser and I was sweating even though he didn’t get past second base. Now finally Jane gets some action, and we don’t get to be there… not even for the warm-up? I feel robbed.

I enjoyed this sequel as much as I liked the original. Jane has a unique voice, made even more distinct by the voice of her Beast.  It was great to see her expand her humanity with Molly and the kids. And I hope we continue to learn more about her roots.  5 stars.

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