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Review: Velocity

Reviewed by Jen
I haven't always been comfortable with everywhere Amelia Gormley has taken Derrick and Gavin.  When I started the series, there was barely a whiff of where these two would end up sexually, and suffice it to say, they ended up outside of my comfort zone.  I read book two, Acceleration, and realized they were entering the BDSM zone and then had a decision to make. Keep reading the series or write it off?  The thing is, Gormley did such a good job making me invest in the characters, I had to keep going. I had to see how their story would end.  And while their brand of kink still doesn't do it for me, I am glad I chose to see it through.

The past two books followed these two men as they began their journey into relationship and ramped things up to a fever pitch. We've seen their failings and weaknesses, hunger and joys.  And this final installment is all about whether they'll have their happily ever after, and what it might look like.  Among other things, that includes finding out Gavin's HIV status and dealing with his horrible ex.

The story moved pretty fast. I read it all in one sitting.  What I liked about it is that the relationship is really evening out.  The last book had these guys consumed with sexual fire. And while the sex is a vital part of their dynamic here, the focus is really more on trust and commitment.  Derrick is a lot less emo.  Gavin is (somewhat) less neurotic.  And the power between the two of them felt a lot more balanced. One of the things that really bothered me about Acceleration was that I felt Gavin held all the cards.  Maybe it was in part because he dominated Derrick in the bedroom, but in other ways too.  Here, Derrick got to take the reins some, both sexually and with emotional empowerment.  I needed to see this balance to feel better about their future.

The sexual element focused less on the humiliation factor and more on the pain than the last one.  Take that as you will. Neither appeals to me.  But I do acknowledge that the author uses the dominance and submission as a tool for these two to work out their emotional issues.

When all was said and done, though, I was satisfied with the conclusion. I think I'd recommend the trilogy to contemporary m/m romance fans, especially if you think BDSM is hot.

Rating: B

*ARC provided by author for review

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by Amelia C Gormley
Release Date: March 2, 2013

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