Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Series Reading Order: Dark Hunter & Chronicles of Nick

This is the reading order for the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon:

  • *Dragonswan  (Sebastian & Channon)
  • Fantasy Lover  (Julian & Grace)
  • Night Pleasures  (Kyrian & Amanda)
  • Night Embrace  (Talon & Sunshine)
  • *Phantom Lover  (V'Aiden & Erin) 
  • Dance With the Devil  (Zarek & Astrid)
  • Kiss of the Night  (Wulf & Cassandra)
  • Night Play  (Vane & Bride)
  • *Winter Born  (Dante & Pandora)
  • Seize the Night  (Valerius & Tabitha)
  • Sins of the Night  (Alexion & Danger)
  • Unleash the Night  (Wren & Marguerite)
  • Dark Side of the Moon  (Ravyn & Susan)
  • *A Hard Days Night Searcher (Rafael & Celena)
  • *Until Death Do Us Part  (Velkan & Esperetta)
  • The Dream Hunter  (Arik & Geary)
  • *Fear the Darkness  (free Nick short story)
  • Devil May Cry  (Sin & Katra)
  • Upon the Midnight Clear  (Aidan & Leta)
  • Dream Chaser  (Xypher & Simone)
  • Acheron  (Ash & Tori)
  • One Silent Night  (Stryker & Zephyra)
  • *Shadow of the Moon  (Fury & Angelina)
  • Dream Warrior  (Cratus & Delphine)
  • Bad Moon Rising  (Fang & Aimee)
  • No Mercy  (Dev & Sam)
  • Retribution  (Sundown & Abigail) 
  • The Guardian  (Seth & Lydia)
  • Time Untime (Ren & Kateri)
  • Styxx (August 2013)

This is the reading order for the Chronicles of Nick:

*Denotes short story/ novella

The Dark Hunter series can be started with either Fantasy Lover or Night Pleasures.  There is some character overlap between the two books, but the Dark Hunter mythology is not introduced until Night Pleasures.  Dragonswan exists outside of the main story arc and can be read at any time.

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      At Friday, February 8, 2013 at 2:31:00 PM CST , Blogger Bskinner said...

      Thank you for this comprehensive list. The official website reading order only served to confuse me further on what order I should be reading all the books.

      At Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 9:53:00 PM CDT , Blogger Char said...

      Thank you I agree with the person above it didn't really give the whole reading order with the short novellas or short stories or well the whole universe like the were-hunters and dream hunters but again thank you.


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