Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review: Coveted

Reviewed by Allison
Natalya Stravinsky is a lone wolf. She has always been a bit OCD, but when the love of her life, Thorn, leaves her, she’s thrown into a depression that makes functioning difficult to deal with. Her escape is through the only thing she feels like she can control; her environment & her Christmas ornaments. Her disease makes her appear weak to the rest of her pack & they end up shunning her. Her family members are the only ones who moderately tolerate her. However, when a neighboring pack sets their sights on her New Jersey territory, they go for the weakest link first – Natalya. Fighting for not only her life, but her sanity, Natalya has to either grow up or give up.

I liked the bits of Russian culture the author used to add authenticity, especially how she called her grandma “babushka” – so cute! However, I felt like it was more about her OCD then the actual danger the invading pack posed. As interesting as it was to see life from that point of view, I ended up feeling insensitive because I just wanted her to GET OVER IT & fight the SOBs who threatened her family.

I did feel like she was stronger at the end and had grown some, not only with her OCD, but as a person which was nice to see. I really enjoyed the assortment of characters from her therapy group, especially the yummy wizard, Nick! They both make strides together in conquering their obsessions. I’d like to see where they end up if she can finally get over the ever-present-but-never-touching Thorn.

Towards the end it felt a little too stream of consciousness for me, but the story was interesting enough that I’ll probably read the next one.

Rating: C

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by Shawntelle Madison
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Ballantine

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